What Can You Do With A 3D Printer At Home (40 Ideas)

What Can You Do With A 3D Printer At Home
Unleash Your Creativity - Discover the Future of 3D Printing Today!
Unleash Your Creativity - Discover the Future of 3D Printing Today!

3D printers have revolutionized so many industries all over the world. In the past, these high-tech printers were only available for commercial use, they were huge, and they were too expensive for home use. Things have changed recently, and 3D printers have become almost commonplace and have been integrated into many homes and home workshops. If you are considering acquiring a 3D printer for your home, you may be wondering, what can you do with a 3D printer at home?

3D printers are very useful for many at-home applications. They are often used for home improvement, making gifts, making or improving tools, printing useful kitchen implements, making repairs and spare parts for various items, making toys and even gadgets that are useful for every smart home. 

3D printing technology has become extremely useful, even around the house, due to the fact that there are many affordable, small 3D printers available now, and there are many 3D printing designs that are available for use by everyone who has a 3D printer. Let’s look at some of what can be done with a 3D printer at home.

What Be Done With A 3D Printer At Home?

3D printers are no longer exclusively used by large companies or in manufacturing, and they are no longer so expensive that only these companies can afford to use them.

There is a wide variety of 3D printers at varying price points that are no only small enough to use at home, but they are cheap enough to run and maintain that they can become a very useful appliance for any home.

3D printing allows for custom-made tools and parts that may be very difficult to find or to order.

If something in your home breaks, if a small plastic part snaps, or even if you lose a specific screw for something important, 3D printing can be the perfect solution.

With a home 3D printer, you can easily print replacement parts, repair solutions and modifications, and even screws and nuts of almost any size.

Having a 3D printer at home is perfect for making home improvements, making custom tools, and for repairing broken parts of appliances.

Many people use their home 3D printers for home improvement and repairs, but many own a 3D printer for the express purpose of custom making their own home décor.

With a 3D printer, you are able to design and print custom home decorations, lamps, shelves, clocks, vases, and other elements that are unique to their home and are found nowhere else.

Having access to a 3D printer makes many frustrations that would be otherwise impossible to solve, a simple matter of printing a solution.

For example, it is especially frustrating when you do not have the right kitchen implement that you need.

If you have the wrong size measuring cups, a recipe could completely fail; if your favorite plastic spatula breaks and you are unable to find a replacement, printing the perfect one is simple.

Many unique kitchen implements can be made with a 3D printer that will solve every kitchen problem that you never knew you had.

The toys and gadgets that can be made with a 3D printer at home are enough for most of us to yearn for our own 3D printer.

Everything from smartphone stands and car mounts, to a mini mechanical model of the solar system, to a custom chess set are all possible with a home 3D printer!

Having a 3D printer at home opens up a whole world of custom possibilities! Let’s explore more of what can be done with a 3D printer at home.

Tools, Home Improvement, And Repairs

A very common use for a home 3D printer is making tools, repairing broken items, printing home improvement solutions, and making replacement parts.

A 3D printed stand and organizer for your drill and Dremel bits is the perfect way to keep track of them, and a 3D printer is able to print the perfect screw to replace the one that you lost and can not seem to find at any hardware store.

3D printing well-made spare parts, storage containers, organizers, and even mechanical tools are all possible with home 3D printers.

Here are some ideas for tools and home improvement items that can be easily printed with a home 3D printer:

  • A Mini Drill Press
  • A Sanding Block
  • Screws, Nuts, And Bolts
  • Bit Stands
  • Organizers
  • Clothing Hangers
  • Cable Management Clips
  • Combination Locks
  • Lightbulb Sockets
  • Gears And Sprockets

The list of tools and handy home improvement items that can be 3D printed is almost endless. Items such as a mini sanding block are even useful for improving your 3D prints by sanding down any rough areas and print lines.

3D printing allows you to make tools for making tools!

3D Printed Home Décor

Another common use for a home 3D printer is making 3D printed custom home décor that is completely unique.

Designing your own home décor elements allows you to tailor the interior of your home to your exact desires and separates your home from all the others.

Some ideas for 3D printed home décor are:

  • Wall Art
  • Lamps
  • Custom Shelves
  • Self-Watering Planters
  • Vases
  • Coasters
  • Light Fixtures
  • Ornaments
  • Clocks
  • Tealight Candle Holders

All of the items that you can print to decorate your home according to your style can be custom designed and made entirely unique to you and your home.

There is almost no limit to the styles and design features that are possible with 3D printing home décor elements.

3D Printed Kitchen Implements

Not many people think of the kitchen when they are considering uses for a home 3D printer, but the uses are almost endless!

You will never need to purchase another kitchen implement, but you can rather custom design and 3D print the exact implement and kitchen tools that you need, according to your own taste and requirements.

3D printing the perfect spatula, measuring cups, or even a funky coffee mug is within the grasp of anyone who owns a home 3D printer.

Here is a shortlist of some of the 3D printing possibilities for the kitchen:

  • Plastic cutlery for kids
  • Measuring spoons and cups
  • A multi-sided measuring cube
  • Spatulas and egg-lifters
  • Serving and salad spoons
  • Ice cube molds
  • Baking molds
  • Cookie cutters
  • Custom coffee mugs
  • Wisks

3D printing allows you to make the perfect kitchen implements that you need for every kitchen endeavor.

Having a 3D printer for your home will change what you think is possible in the kitchen!

3D Printed Gadgets And Toys

What Can You Do With A 3D Printer At Home

Gadgets and toys are some of the best reasons for an at-home 3D printer.

There are so many fun designs available from the 3D printing community for a multitude of interesting, useful, and wacky gadgets, as well as incredible toys for kids.

Having a 3D printer at home will push your imagination to new limits, and you will be amazed by what can be made, even if it is just for fun.

Here are a few ideas for gadgets and toys that can be made with a 3D printer at home:

  • A mechanical solar system model
  • Toys created from children’s drawings
  • A custom chessboard with custom chess pieces
  • Figurines and models
  • Gliders
  • Masks
  • Smartphone stands and car mounts
  • Custom smartphone cases
  • Drones
  • Musical instruments

The gadgets and toys that can be made with a 3D printer are unlike any others.

A 3D printer at home can provide countless hours of fun and entertainment for everyone, regardless of what your interests are.

3D printers for home use are very functional and can provide practical solutions for many problems; they can also just be fun!


There is so much that can be easily done with a 3D printer at home that it is almost impossible to list it all.

3D printers can be used for making tools, repairing household items and appliances, home improvement, interior design, kitchen items, and implements, and they can even be used for making ingenious gadgets and fun toys.

The possibilities for what can be done with a 3D printer at home are virtually endless. If you have the funds for one, a 3D printer for your home will be a welcomed addition and will be useful for everyone in the home!

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